Meet the Fairy Council


The Foss Fairy Trail has a small  fairy committee: the chair Tracy,  who set up the trail and can be seen here introducing the trail, myself the secretary and our treasurer Beth. The committee is small because we involve the wider group in making decisions about projects and events. As well as the committee we have about 16 volunteers who are all extremely friendly and supportive. Together we make up the Foss Fairy Trail.

We believe that being involved in the FFT should be fun and sociable as well as offering a chance to make a real difference to our local community. The volunteers all have different skills and talents. I am not great at gardening but I can organise stuff and love doing some of the harder jobs like shifting wood chippings, because they are great workouts!

I look forward to seeing you down by the river.

Sarah ( secretary).


Tracy - Chair

Beth - Treasurer

Want to help? 
Or contact us to volunteer! 

Sarah - Secretary