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Activities for Children

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We now have an interactive book available 'Where it all began'

The book can be used by children to follow a story of the fairies and pixies along the trail or can just be a bedtime story!

Books are £5 each.  All money will go directly into the Foss Fairy Trail fund to keep the trail maintained and help support any events.

To purchase, contact us!

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Why not join the Fairy Library!  Take and bring books back to the trail or just read them at the picnic tables

Jack and louis magnet fishing.jpg

How about a bit of magnet fishing?  Help keep the river clear of rubbish whilst finding treasure!

Help the Fairy Trail by hiring a magnet for the day £5.  Deposit £20, £15 refunded on return of the magnet

To find out more, contact us!

Download a Fairy House Trail here and see how many you can spot.

You might even find one that no human has seen before!


Why not try the Tree Trail? You'll discover all the different trees along the trail and learn about their fascinating folklore!

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Follow the fairy trail map to help you find all the houses and other treasures!

Trail map.png
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