Foss Fairy Trail Ecology

The Big Butterfly Count ..lets continue the count!

butterfly count.png

The Butterfly Conservation holds the 'Big Butterfly Count' annually between July and August. 


Continue to help them by counting butterflies you have seen down the trail. 

Printed guides are be available in the pamphlet holders found on the litter bin cover near the picnic area.

You can continue to help the butterfly count throughout the year here:

Peacock Butterfly.JPG

Here is a printable guide to help you identify the butterflies

brown butterfly.jpg

An initial ecology study has been carried out by Shrubfrog Horticulture and Ecology.  The aim is to increase biodiversity of the trail.  The study is to continue over 2 years.  We hope to provide interactive opportunities to our fairy lovers by providing apps to identify insects and assist with national insect counts such as the 'big butterfly count'.  Please look out for upcoming events so you can participate.  See below the first stage of the Ecological Planting Strategy.



  • To create a magical walkway by the river for both the local community and visitors to York to enjoy

  • To enhance the biodiversity in the area and enrich the plant and wildlife

  • To highlight the value of recycling

  • To bring attention to the positive effects of being in nature

  • To bring the community together