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Folklore & Fairies


Fairies are mythical characters with magical powers who apparently live with and have close relationships with mankind.  Obviously, those of us who venture down the Foss Fairy Trail know that this is not mythical!

They can appear in different forms, the most common one we associate with is young women fluttering their wings, but they also can be described as what we imagine as pixies or elves, small creatures wearing green clothing who can be a bit mischievous!

The Middle Ages appear to have created the term fairy, which were then considered to be dangerous, formidable beings who were something to be afraid of.

Rumours where that they would carry off children, leaving substitutes in their place. They could also carry off adults to fairyland, once taken to fairyland you could not return if you ate or drank there. 

Others described fairies as wood nymphs or tree spirits. When you see natural door shapes in trees it does make you wonder!

Some plants that are meant to captivate fairies are foxglove, thyme and rosemary as well as hawthorn trees (have you seen how many of those there are down on the fairy trail!).  Any abuse of these plants may bring retribution from the fairies.

Nowadays fairies are generally thought of as being beautiful creatures who bring only good and harmony into the world.  We have fairy godmothers and tooth fairies who are both there to look after us as children


Fairy Dust Magic – what colours of life can bring to us



Gives health, life and vigour


Allows freedom, inspiration, and imagination to flow


Provides creativity and energy


Drives ambition and brings wisdom


Power of excitement, adventure and warmth


Encourages growth and renewal


Why not join the rainbow tree in the woodland?

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