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Origins of the Foss Fairy Trail

Tracy, the founder of the Fairy Trail, had started to walk down the river pathway during the early days of the lockdown in 2021 when she noticed a couple of fairy doors put on trees down by the river Foss on a little walkway. It was a walkway she used to use back in 1982, but now the area had a feel of abandonment; the little doors just added a little bit of magic to what had become a neglected and rubbish-strewn area.

The little doors inspired Tracy and she made the ‘Nut Hut’ for some of the local squirrels.

She enjoyed making the Nut Hut so much she continued to make more houses, giving them to friends and family as gifts.

Soon she found herself with a garage full of different fairy houses. For a bit more fun, she placed them down by the river, hoping at least to make people smile.

She was encouraged to put in an application for local funding which was successful, and from this point the project escalated, with the support of volunteers and the community.

With this support and sheer determination, the Foss Fairy Trail has now become a little retreat for many people.

Lisa - fairy door pic 2_edited.jpg

Finally we have found her, the instigator of the trail, 'Lisa'.  During lockdown, Lisa made a few fairy doors and placed them on trees down by the River Foss.  That little sparkle of magic led to the inspiration to build fairy houses and make the river walk a special place for people to enjoy.  A huge thanks to you Lisa, you have brought a lot happiness to many people!


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