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Our Sponsors

Wickes logo.jpg

A new sponsor has joined us in 2024. Wickes have kindly donated various building materials to help with the trail.  Thank you Wickes!!!!!

Toby H Johnson.jpg

Toby H Johnson Ltd have been providing wood chippings to lay on the pathways this year.  This makes a huge difference to the walkway!  Huge thank you to Barry and his team!!

Good gym 1.jpg

Good gym have been amazing helping with heavy work throughout throughout the last 3 of years.  They are still helping in 2024!  Thank you to everyone of them for their amazing work!

Goodgym logo website.png
Henry Boot donation.jpg

Henry Boot have kindly donated tools and items to help with the maintenance of the trail.  They have also done a number of volunteer days, building a pond and large bug houses.  Amazing work!  Thank you Henry Boot!!!

Henry Boot.jpg
Travis perkins.jpg

Travis Perkins donated a large amount of materials utilised to make a children's fort.  Sure this will give a lot of pleasure to the children!!

Travis Pwrkins.jpg

Both Morrisons and Tesco have donated a substantial amount of items to support the fairy trail events.  A huge thank you to them both and their continued support!!

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