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May Day

Thank you to everyone for coming along and supporting the event!  We all had a lovely time, especially watching the children have a go around the maypole!  Thank you all for your kind donations that will help to keep the trail going and a huge  thanks to Emmie for the face painting. They were beautiful. Emmie stayed an extra hour for free to make sure none of the children missed out. If you would like her contact details you can find Emmie here:


At the Mayday event, we asked children to write acrostics. An acrostic is a poem or other word composition in which the first letter of each new line spells out a word or message.

Here is one I wrote as a model for the children.


The Foss Fairy Trail

T­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­he magic river gives the fairies their power,

Happily, they chant "Here comes the mayflower",

Excitedly they welcome in the wondrous spring.

Fairies from the River Foss love to sing.

Over and under the maypole they prance,

Summoning the spirit of spring as they dance.

Some also recite ancient fairy-verse. 

Fairies' joy undoes winter's bitter curse.

All join to celebrate spring's eternal rebirth,

Ivy-winged sprites praise nature in mirth.

Rejoicing fairies can occasionally be seen;

You can spot them if silent and not too keen.

Take heart all you children and some adults too,

Remember the enchanting spring belongs to you,

And never betray the fairies with unkind deeds,

Instead bring them joy with flowers and seeds.

Love the fairies, the trail, the river, and all that they bring.

Children wrote acrostics on the subject of fairies and frogs, here are  a few of them, well done to all! We will add some further ones in a couple of weeks so they all get displayed

Frogs wide under bushes and leaves,

Riding on each other’s backs in the water.

Often, they hide among foliage.

Great quantities lie waiting for you to find them.

Fred aged 8



In seeing

Robins and

Young unicorns!

Robin aged 3

Fairies sing happy songs

At the flowing River Foss

In magical houses they live,

Rough rocks they sit on.

You can spot them in the sky!

By Naoimh


Fairy magic

Appears in the air

Into the unknown

Round the corner

Yes! It’s a fairy garden.

Grace aged 7

Fairies are beautiful

And the tooth fairy

Is leaving magic on your pillow.

Running and tiptoeing,

You can get a coin.

Lizzie aged 6

Flittering little creatures, they are.

Around them is magic.

Incredible glitter and sparkles.

Round them are lovely

Yellow flowers and magic powers.

Dora aged 8

Fairies are beautiful

And the tooth fairy

Is leaving magic on your pillow.

Running and tiptoeing,

You can get a coin.

Lizzie aged 6

Fairies sing of happiness,

At the flowing River Foss.

In magical houses they dance round

Rugged rocks they lie on.

You can see them on a starry night.


By Holly

Past events at The Foss Fairy Trail

Childrens workshop 11-08-2022 -1.jpg

Children's Fairy House Workshops

The first children's workshops took place on Thursday 11 August.  What a lovely time we all had.  It never fails to impress how creative children can be! Thank you all to who attended.

We will be looking to hold more in the future, keep watching this space!

Childrens workshop 11-08-2022 -2.jpg