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Henry Boot.jpg
Henry Boot.jpg
Foss Fairy Trail Volunteering 18-04-23-01.jpg

We had a fantastic productive day with Henry Boot. Five hours were spent in the sunshine working on various areas of the trail in preparation for further work that will be carried out during this year. Thank you so much Henry Boot! You did an amazing job in such a short time!!

Foss Fairy Trail Volunteering 18-04-23-17.jpg
Pathway maintenance

The Conservation Volunteers have kindly agreed with funding from the National Lottery to carry out some work on part of the muddy pathway running from the cycle track bridge in April/May this year. Hopefully this will make the walk a little more accessible in this area.  We are hoping to continue the work if more funding can be found.  In the meantime we will continue to try and obtain wood chips to lay on the trail

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